WOW CONGRESS is a destination of a synergetic idea and expression, where magic unleashes and harness the collective wisdom, experience and energy of inspirational women and men of all ages and backgrounds in service of our values and to promote, communicate and amplify the influence of women in the workplace and beyond.

Women play an indispensable role by acting as driving force of change, potential, and sustenance. let us recognize, support, and promote the development of womanhood across professional boundaries and ethics course. We are committed to eliminate gender discrimination and giving back to our growing worldwide community.

WOW CONGRESS desires to bring people from across the globe and discuss how to empower, reshape and advance woman with the proposition through our exclusive events for the professional including medical and healthcare, Information Technology, Business Management etc…

where women are supporting other woman ambition, aspiration, agility and spirituality in competent world and where they discuss, debate and dissect what the future holds in a vibrant atmosphere by experiencing integrative, responsible and socially holistic environment of opportunities and possibilities.

WOW CONGRESS pledged to undertake further steps to ensure the full and accelerated opportunities for women in a range of issues including education, development, economic empowerment, and social welfare.

WOW AWARDS exclusive gateway for inspiring stories of woman across profession, who have been leaving their footprint by generating impactful change, driven by diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront of every decision they make by rediscovering themselves with a token of Emotion, Embrace, Empathy along with the notion of Emerging, Encouraging, Empowering and Enlightening of kinship and leadership.


We believe a profound transformation for women across the globe beside all ages and marked a significant turning point for elevating and empowering of womanhood by considering the key global policy document on gender equality. It also sets strategic objectives and actions for the advancement of women and the achievement of gender equality. To undertake further steps to ensure and accelerated opportunities for women in a range of issues including education, development, economic empowerment and social welfare.

Aim & Objectives: –

To Create a Event/Platform for Women’s and Children’s who are the future of the World.

To Work on the Pathways of Woman Empowerment, Education and Development.

To Uplift Children’s Education and Development.

To Encourage, Uplift and Advocate Women’s as well as Children’s.

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