WOW AWARDS exclusive gateway that honors the inspiring stories of women across professions who have made a significant impact by promoting diversityequity, and inclusion. These women are driven by a deep sense of emotionempathy, and embrace of others, and are committed to the idea of emergingencouragingempowering, and enlightening kinship and leadership..

We believe that the recognition of women’s achievements has the power to bring about a profound transformation for women of all ages worldwide. By taking into account key global policy documents on gender equality and setting strategic objectives and actions, we can advance women and achieve true gender equality.

These awards not only acknowledge the individual accomplishments of women in dentistry but also inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in this important field. The WOW Awards are a testament to the belief that gender diversity and inclusivity are essential for progress in DENTISTRY & FACIAL AESTHETICS. By recognizing the exceptional talent and dedication of women professionals, these awards aim to create a more equitable and inclusive landscape in which all voices are heard and valued. 


These awards celebrate women who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their careers or fields of expertise. They recognize women who have excelled in their professions, overcome challenges, and made significant strides in their chosen areas.

These awards honor women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and qualities in their respective fields.

These awards honor women who have demonstrated outstanding mentorship, guidance, and support for others. They recognize women who have made a significant impact by mentoring and advocating for the personal and professional development of other women.

Supporting and encouraging early-career women in DENTISTRY & FACIAL AESTHETICS who have shown exceptional promise, leadership potential, and early achievements in their respective fields, patient care, or advocacy.

Recognizing outstanding businesses and professionals who’ve left a lasting mark globally as executives, enterprises, and innovators in product development and client servicing. Their contributions have enhanced healthcare, research, and global prevention efforts.

Acknowledging women researchers who have made groundbreaking contributions to DENTISTRY & FACIAL AESTHETICS through innovative research projects, discoveries, or advancements in oral biology, treatment, or prevention.

These awards honor women who have made a positive impact on society and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others. They recognize women who have made a difference through philanthropy, advocacy, community service, or humanitarian efforts.

Acknowledging students and young researchers who have madeĀ  exceptional contribution in academics, research, digital arts and early achievements in their respective fields or advocacy.

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